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Solar for Your Building

Across the state, businesses are generating solar energy to manage their operations costs and be more sustainable. Energy Trust makes it easy to install solar with technical assistance, valuable incentives and referrals to qualified local contractors. Energy Trust incentives, Oregon rebates, federal tax credits and accelerated depreciation could offset up to 50% of system

Solar for Your Home

Over 18,000 homeowners across Oregon are making their own solar power. Join them to reduce your home’s impact on the environment and take control of your energy costs–with clean, renewable energy from the sun. Energy Trust incentives, Oregon state rebates and federal tax credits could offset up to 50% of system costs. We’ll connect you

Solar Within Reach

Increased incentives for income-qualified households Solar can help you lower your energy bills in a big way, and it may be more affordable than you think. Solar Within Reach makes going solar more affordable for income-qualified households. Solar + storage systems are also eligible. With increased cash incentives, an Oregon rebate and a federal tax

Energía solar al alcance

Más incentivos para las unidades familiares que cumplan con los límites de ingreso Las placas de energía solar en los techos y en los tejados puede ayudarle a reducir mucho sus facturas de energía, y puede ser más asequible de lo que usted piensa. Solar Within Reach [Energía solar al alcance] hace que aprovechar el

Solar Planning

Planning Ahead for Solar Energy Trust of Oregon offers cash incentives and technical support that make going solar easy and affordable. The benefits of solar power—such as lower energy bills, reduced carbon emissions, and protection from rising electricity costs—are all great reasons to reach for the sun. We can help you design your building to

Solar: Solar is for Everyone

Solar is for Everyone
incentive group

Solar Group: In my Community

local communities across the state, offering feasibility, development and installation assistance for municipalities and organizations interested in building solar projects. And the Oregon Community Solar Program makes it easy for anyone to access and share the benefits of solar – no roof space required! Learn more about the renewable energy work we do with communities.

Solar Group: Request Free Solar Analysis + Bid

Looking to learn more about solar benefits before exploring your options? Below is additional information to help you go solar. Request Analysis & Bid

Solar Group: At work

Whether you go solar to manage operating costs, build resilience, or show your commitment to a clean energy future for Oregon, there is a solar option for you.

Marketing solar. Gaining an edge in the increasingly competitive solar marketplace.

PORTLAND, Ore. — January 26, 2016 — Energy Trust of Oregon is launching this month a solar marketing training series for installers as part of the nonprofit’s ongoing efforts to reduce solar costs and increase solar installations in Oregon. “Build it Bright! Crafting Your Solar Marketing Program” will deliver content through live webinars, podcasts and