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Measuring Our Success

We are committed to learning and growing on this journey

We Want to Hear from You

As we work to develop a more inclusive organization that benefits everyone, we welcome your feedback on our efforts, programs and opportunities for improvement.

Provide Your Feedback

Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee is always working to develop meaningful ways to measure success and identify opportunities for improvement. As we work toward achieving our goals, we will update this page to illustrate our progress and areas for growth.

Areas of recent progress and accomplishments in community engagement that will help guide our plans for 2023-2024 include:

  • Working Together Grants—In 2021, we launched a new grant opportunity with funding up to $10,000 for nonprofit organizations serving communities interested in pursuing activities that help diverse customers save energy or use renewable energy.
  • Community Partner Funding—This expanded offer provides residential customers higher cash incentives for energy-saving upgrades delivered through partnership with community organizations.
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory grant funding—We worked with local nonprofits to secure a grant to design a BIPOC Solar Ambassadors program that will work with seven community-based organizations to build awareness about solar opportunities among African American, Latino, immigrant and refugee homeowners.
  • Landlord Provided Cooling Space Initiative—This program offers cash rebates for property managers of multifamily housing and manufactured home parks to purchase portable or non-portable cooling equipment for a cooling space on or near their properties.
  • Outreach Support—Our outreach team added two additional members focusing on communities of color to expand our relationship development with community organizations.
  • Contractor Development Pathway—This program connects BIPOC-owned and women-owned contractor businesses with resources and support to help them succeed in the clean energy industry and participate in our energy programs.