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Energy Trust of Oregon offers licensed cannabis growers and hemp growers free technical services and cash incentives for the installation of energy-efficient equipment at new and existing grow operations. Incentives are available for indoor, outdoor and greenhouse grow operations.

Indoor Grow


See the cash incentive available for the installation of energy-efficient dehumidifiers at new and existing indoor grow facilities outlined in the table below. Maximum incentive limits differ by participating utility.

Equipment purchased before April 5, 2021 is not eligible for incentives

Participating Utility IncentiveMaximum Incentive Limit*
Portland General Electric $7 per pint per day (replacing existing, working equipment)

$5 per pint per day (installing in new grow facility)
$10,000-$14,000; maximum applicable limit will depend on whether equipment installation is for new capacity or replacement of existing units.

Limited to one dehumidifier application per site in 2021.
Pacific Power$7 per pint per day (replacing existing, working equipment)

$5 per pint per day (installing in new grow facility)
Up to $10,000

Limited to one dehumidifier application per site in 2021.

*On each application, you may list dehumidifiers with more than 2,000 pints per day total capacity, but Energy Trust incentives will only cover up to 2,000 pints per day of total capacity and incentives are subject to the limits outlined above. For additional requirements and to apply, see Form 420CD (Online using DocuSign | PDF | Excel)


Indoor grow facilities are not eligible for commercial or industrial building insulation incentives.


Custom Incentives for Indoor Grow

If you’re planning a larger upgrade at your indoor grow facility, Energy Trust can help with technical assistance and custom cash incentives for system upgrades. Technical studies identify energy-efficiency opportunities for HVAC, insulation and other improvements, for qualified projects. Energy Trust can pay up to 100% of the cost of a study.

New construction grow facilities may be eligible for custom incentives. Existing grow facilities may qualify if upgrading a larger HVAC and dehumidifier system.

For more information, visit our incentive page for custom energy-efficiency projects.

Greenhouses and Outdoor Cannabis or Hemp Grow Operations

See the following pages for details on cash incentives available for greenhouses and outdoor grow operations:

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.


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Success Stories

Cloud Cover Cannabis, Portland

Cloud Cover Cannabis, Portland

Estimated Annual Savings: $52,000

Deschutes Growery, Bend

Deschutes Growery, Bend

Estimated Annual Savings: $197,000