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Front Load Clothes Washers

ENERGY STAR® models use about 33% less water and 25% less energy than standard models, helping you save money and energy with every load.

Benefits available for customers purchasing from select retail locations will vary but may include price discounts at the time of purchase, improved financing options, or other benefits. Contact a participating retail location to learn what specific benefits they are offering on efficient models.

If you own an individual condominium unit, townhome, or plex property, visit our Multifamily page to view incentives for clothes washers.

  1. Visit a participating retail location offering benefits on efficient clothes washers.

    Just look for the Energy Trust logo in these retail locations to find qualifying models.

  2. Purchase a qualifying clothes washer and receive price discounts, improved financing options or other benefits at the time of purchase.

Get price discounts, improved financing options, or other benefits at the time of purchase when you purchase a select qualifying ENERGY STAR front-load clothes washer (2.5 cu ft or larger) with an IMEF of 2.76 or higher.

Offer is subject to funding availability and may change

When you’re shopping for a new ENERGY STAR certified clothes washer, here are some tips to remember:

  • Energy-efficiency levels of ENERGY STAR clothes washers vary. To get the highest level of efficiency, saving you the most on your energy consumption, look for premium-efficiency washers that have an Integrated Modified Energy Factor, or IMEF*, of 2.76 or higher. Only select ENERGY STAR models qualify for customer benefits. Look for the Energy Trust logo or ask a sale associate about which models qualify.
  • Pick a machine with faster spin cycles. Faster spin cycles can extract more water, reducing drying time and energy use.
  • Choose a size that meets your household needs. Most manufacturers today have models that are ENERGY STAR certified. Sizes vary, ranging from 1.6 to 3.8 cubic feet. You can even get ENERGY STAR qualified models that are stackable or fit under a counter for smaller spaces.
  • Consider a model that offers a “mini-basket.” This small tub that fits over the agitator allows you to wash very small loads.
  • Look for pre-soaking and suds-saver options. Both features conserve energy.

*IMEF is the efficiency rating for clothes washers. It is based on the level of electricity used by the washer and the amount of dryer energy required to remove the remaining moisture content from clothes.

I purchased a new clothes washer. What benefits are available to me?

Energy Trust works with select retailers to provide benefits to customers purchasing ENERGY STAR certified clothes washers. To receive price discounts, improved financing options or other benefits at the time of purchase you must purchase a qualifying clothes washer from a store on the list of participating retail locations. Make sure you check your receipt to match the address to a participating retailer.

If you purchased a qualifying clothes washer but the location you purchased it from is not on the list of participating retail locations, there are no benefits available.

I purchased a qualifying clothes washer from a participating retail location. How can I tell if I received a benefit on my purchase?

Benefits may vary depending on the retail location where you made your purchase. Some examples of benefits include price discounts, special financing, free delivery, reward points or other custom offers. If you are unsure what benefit you received, please reach out to the store to ask them for more information. Details will likely not appear on your receipt.


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