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Energy-Efficient Showerheads

Did you know that showering is one of the country’s leading water-wasting habits? Installing efficient showerheads is easy and can help cut back on water use and reduce the energy needed to heat your water while maintaining strong water pressure.

If you own an individual condominium unit, townhome or plex property, visit our Multifamily page to receive free showerheads.

Available in Oregon

Energy Trust doesn’t offer incentives for showerheads, but encourages you to purchase WaterSense® certified showerheads to save the most on energy costs. You can find more information in the Resources tab.

  • Showerheads with the WaterSense label are certified to be 20% more water-efficient and perform as well as or better than conventional models.
  • You can save up to $55 a year in energy and water costs by replacing a single standard showerhead with a WaterSense model.
  • Look for showerheads with a flow rating of 2.0 gallons per minute, GPM or lower to save water while maintaining strong water pressure.

Learn more about efficient showerheads on the WaterSense website.