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Whether you go solar to manage operating costs, build resilience, or show your commitment to a clean energy future for Oregon, there is a solar option for you.

Commercial and public buildings, multifamily buildings or farms:

If you own a building and your roof is a good fit for solar, may be able to install a solar system at your facility. Pairing solar with battery storage can keep the important parts of your business running off backup power during an outage.

Energy Trust cash incentives, Oregon rebates and federal tax credits can help reduce the total cost of rooftop solar on your building.

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New construction:

Constructing a new building? You can receive technical assistance and cash incentives to plan for solar from the beginning.

Learn more about what makes a new building solar ready.


Renters, limited budgets, or limited space:

If you lease your workspace, you’re operating on a tight budget, or your building just isn’t right for a solar installation, you can still access the benefits of solar power by subscribing to an Oregon Community Solar Program project.

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