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Solar Resources

Looking to learn more about solar benefits before exploring your options? Below is additional information to help you go solar.

  • Choosing a contractor can be stressful – that’s why we work with a network of licensed and insured trade allies who know how to access the rebates available to you. Make the choice easier by knowing the right questions to ask.
  • When you have solar on your home or business, net metering makes it possible for the utility to see how much energy you’re generating and reduce your bills accordingly.
  • Looking to add battery storage? Learn how Solar+Storage can help you power critical loads during an outage.
  • We work with our friends at Solar Oregon to offer free solar workshops, which can help you to understand the capabilities of your new solar system.
  • Building solar-ready? Understand the incentives available for homes or commercial buildings.
  • Our solar calculator can help you estimate the upfront costs and ongoing energy and money savings from installing solar.
  • Interested in learning about Renewable Energy Certificates? Read this fact sheet for more information on Renewable Energy Certificates for projects that receive an Energy Trust incentive.

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