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Success Story

Edward C. Allworth Veterans’ Home, Lebanon

Estimated annual savings: $70,000

The Edward C. Allworth Veterans’ Home in Lebanon provides skilled nursing care to veterans, and was designed to improve resident health and comfort. Energy-efficient lighting, heating and cooling equipment and kitchen appliances lower the facility’s energy usage.

In addition, the Oregon Department of Veterans’ Affairs worked with Energy Trust trade ally contractor Sunlight Solar Energy of Bend to design and install an 85.7-kilowatt solar electric system across the rooftops of eight campus buildings. The 336-panel solar system is estimated to generate 93,000 kilowatt hours of energy annually.

“It has been our great pleasure to work with Energy Trust,” said John Osborn, facilities and construction manager. “Residents may not see any difference, but the funds we save can now be spent in other ways to benefit their care.”

Allworth Veterans’ Home meets the standards of the State Energy Efficiency Design program, which directs state agencies to include cost-effective energy conservation improvements in new and renovated public buildings.

“It is important to our team to design a beautiful community that offers high-quality care in a comfortable environment,” said Osborn. “The energy-efficiency measures are a critical part of the project to reduce our consumption and save on utility costs.”

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