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Success Story

Holladay Park Plaza, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $16,700

A new centrifugal chiller with variable frequency drive and direct digital controls is keeping residents at Holladay Park Plaza comfortable year-round, while trimming operating expenses for the continuing care retirement community.

The 375-ton chiller, located in Holladay Park’s 16-story Tower Building, replaced a 50-year-old model that could no longer keep up with demand. Energy Trust of Oregon arranged for a technical analysis study to outline the costs and savings of different energy-efficient chiller options. After Holladay Park made its selection, the retirement community received over $47,900 in Energy Trust cash incentives to help offset the cost of the project.

Unlike the old chiller, it excels at part-load performance—sensing outside and inside temperatures and precisely adjusting output to match demand. Now, residents are comfortable even if the outside temperature swings from hot to cold in a matter of hours.

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