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Success Story

Oak & Olive, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $3,600

Oak & Olive owners Maria Rosengreen and Jeff Berback have created a casual, friendly atmosphere to enjoy high-quality Italian cuisine in Portland’s Hillsdale neighborhood. With help from Energy Trust, they’ve also discovered the perfect recipe for energy cost savings.

Energy Trust’s market solutions package for restaurants provided $6,900 in cash incentives plus technical guidance to assist in selecting equipment and building energy efficiency into the space. “We’re planning on being here a long time, and we’re looking long term. These upgrades can be an investment up front, but they save money on the back end,” said Berback.

The investment is already paying off, as Oak & Olive’s kitchen does more than dish out delicious food; it’s also designed for maximum efficiency. The commercial vent hood uses a variable frequency drive, VFD, to manage fan speed based on need, while a kitchen exhaust recovery system captures and repurposes heat straight from the stovetop below.

From ample natural light, to LED fixtures throughout the dining area and a kitchen loaded with energy-saving features, efficiency is now a daily special at Oak & Olive. “Any time you can save money on your utility bills, you can put that money into something else. It’s a win-win for our bottom line and the environment,” said Berback.

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