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Success Story

Oregon Berry Packing, Hillsboro

Estimated Annual Savings: 1.2 million kWh and $80,000

Located in Hillsboro, Oregon Berry Packing has high standards for the blueberries, strawberries and black raspberries it supplies to buyers worldwide. Those standards include making sure its produce goes from field to market with a strong commitment to sustainability. “Increasingly, the food service industry looks for suppliers who are reducing their carbon footprint,” said Jeff Malensky, president.

To help achieve its sustainability goals and keep operating costs low, the family-owned business has partnered with Energy Trust on multiple projects that are saving an estimated 1.2 million kilowatt hours and $80,000 every year.

A 34-kilowatt solar system produces an estimated 33,600 kWh per year, with production displayed on a monitor in the lobby and on the company’s website. “The display prompts discussions with customers about how we’re constantly improving all aspects of our operation,” said Malensky.

Inside the processing plant, new refrigeration controls trim energy use while keeping temperature and humidity constant—critical factors in maintaining flavor. The controls also result in equipment running less, making the plant much quieter for employees. “That silence is music to my ears,” said Malensky.

Oregon Berry Packing rounded out its energy-efficiency improvements by installing high-speed rollup doors to keep warm air from entering refrigerated areas.

Energy Trust provided technical assistance for the solar and refrigeration projects at no charge, making it easy for Oregon Berry Packing to understand the value of its investments.

Energy Trust cash incentives totaling $171,800 helped offset total project costs, which came to $378,000.

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