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Energy Tip

Use a window fan to pull cool air in on the shady side of your house and blow hot air out on the opposite side of the house.

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An efficient heating system is within reach for homeowners with high energy bills.

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Impact Fact

By maintaining a trade ally network that delivers energy savings and generation, we support 1,900 local businesses with 12,000 employees

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La Tapatia 2

Better lighting, more security, and lower energy costs mean a brighter bottom line for small businesses like La Tapatia 2 in Gresham.

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Better Lighting
Energy Tip

Clean or replace filters regularly to help your air conditioner or heater work at peak efficiency

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Southern Oregon

We’ve helped Steve Campbell and 18 other contractors across the state provide free duct sealing to thousands of manufactured homes

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Impact Fact

We’ve helped install 13,000 renewable energy systems—from rooftop solar to biodigestors—that create energy and help keep costs low for entire communities.

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Renters and Homeowners Learn DIY Energy-Saving Skills

When it comes to home improvements, not everyone wants—or can afford—to hire a contractor. That's where free public workshops from Energy Trust and Community Energy Project come in.

Community educators teach in multiple languages DIY insulation and weatherization, and provide information on Energy Trust cash incentives. All participants—about half of them women—leave with the confidence to get the job done themselves, and know they can call an Energy Trust technician if they get stuck.

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Energy Tip

Install a smart thermostat so it can adjust the temperature automatically and help you save energy all year long.

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Together, we can get more from our energy.

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