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Oregon utility customers saved $326 million on energy bills in 2014

Energy Trust of Oregon helped Central Oregon utility customers save $1.7 million at 3,950 locations

BEND, Ore. — July 22, 2015 — By the end of 2014, Energy Trust of Oregon had helped utility customers save a record $326 million on their energy bills from energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects completed since 2002. The nonprofit organization accelerated efforts to reach more areas of the state with affordable, clean energy solutions and served customers at more than 84,000 locations in 2014.

“We are more committed than ever to building a lower-cost, sustainable energy future for the utility customers we serve,” said Margie Harris, executive director, Energy Trust. “Our comprehensive energy-saving and renewable power programs helped pave the way to improved living and better business for individuals, companies and communities.”

Supported by Energy Trust’s on-the-ground outreach, technical services and cash-back incentives, participating homeowners, renters, small and large businesses, manufacturers, farmers, school administrators and others lowered energy usage and produced clean, renewable power.

Central Oregon customers save $1.7 million
With help from Energy Trust services, incentives and local trade ally contractors, customers of Pacific Power and Cascade Natural Gas in Central Oregon saved $1.7 million on their energy bills by completing projects at 3,950 locations last year.

  • Priscilla Martin in Bend purchased a newly built home with an EPSTM, Energy Trust’s energy performance score. The score of 82 tells her she bought a home with energy-efficient heating and cooling, lighting, windows, water heating and ventilation all designed to save energy and reduce costs.
  • Worthy Brewing in Bend implemented energy-efficient processes and a rooftop solar array at its restaurant and brew house.

See detailed 2014 results and customer success stories at Energy Trust’s 2014 annual report website,

Driving clean energy activity throughout Oregon
“Energy Trust helped more customers with new energy opportunities last year,” said Debbie Kitchin, president of the board of directors, Energy Trust. “Whether a small project or a large investment, customers worked with us to move further along their path to cheaper, cleaner energy. Customers’ energy-saving and renewable power projects put money back into their pockets and also grew Oregon’s clean energy economy by $247 million.”

Working with utilities, trade allies, customers and other organizations in 2014, Energy Trust exceeded its annual electric savings goal, nearly met its natural gas savings goal and facilitated

increased investment in renewable energy, with a record number of residential solar electric systems installed. Energy Trust achieved all Oregon Public Utility Commission annual minimum performance measures, including keeping program and administrative costs low at 4.6 percent of annual revenues.

Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization guided by a non-stakeholder board of directors and dedicated to providing utility customers with low-cost, clean energy solutions. Energy savings and generation results since 2002 are equal to building a power plant fueled by efficiency. Energy Trust investments accelerate economic benefits throughout Oregon and have added $3.9 billion to the state’s economy. Energy Trust is funded by and serves Oregon customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power and Cascade Natural Gas, and Oregon and Washington customers of NW Natural.

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