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Community Solar

The Oregon Community Solar Program* might be the solar path for you if you rent, live in a multifamily building, lack the roof space for rooftop solar or don’t have the means to invest in rooftop solar. Through this program, residential and business customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power and Idaho Power can subscribe to a portion of a community solar project that is shared with other customers. These projects can be developed by anyone, including local businesses, schools, churches, neighborhood and other organizations. Many projects are free-standing in undeveloped areas, but they can also be located on buildings. If you subscribe to a community solar project, you receive a credit on your monthly utility bill for the electricity generated from your portion of the system.

*The Oregon Community Solar Program is administered by the State of Oregon. Participation in the Community Solar Program allows customers to offset their energy usage with electricity generated from a certified community solar project.

Community Solar Playbook

If your community-based organization wants to know more about developing a community solar project, this guide explains the process in detail.

View the Community Solar Playbook

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