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Energy Trust of Oregon helps your business save energy and make every dollar count with upgrades. Improving energy efficiency is an important way to lower operating costs and save money, while enhancing employee and customer comfort.

With Energy Trust cash incentives, you can reduce upfront costs and make energy-efficient projects more affordable. We will work with you every step of the way—we have solutions.

Qualifying Upgrade Incentives

Download the Oregon or Washington incentive applications to review equipment eligible for cash incentives. Find the right equipment for your business, and you’re ready to start the process.


Standard Equipment: Form 120P

Washington customers of NW Natural:

Existing Buildings Standard Incentives
Form 120P-WA-EB

Existing Multifamily Standard Incentives
Form 120P-WA-EMF

Existing Greenhouses Standard Incentives
Form 120P-WA-GRN

New Buildings Standard Incentives
Form 120P-WA-NB

New Multifamily Standard Incentives
Form 120P-WA-NMF

Steps to savings for standard incentives:

  1. Find a contractor. View our list of licensed and insured trade ally contractors or use your own contractor.
  2. Pre-qualify your lighting. Energy Trust pre-qualifies all lighting upgrades.
  3. Install. Purchase and install the qualified equipment.
  4. Submit application. Submit within 90 days of installation. Your trade ally contractor can help.
  5. Get your incentive. Continue saving through reduced energy costs.

Project Specific Incentives

If your upgrade is not listed on our website, you may still be eligible for a custom incentive. Before you begin any work, contact Energy Trust to see if your improvements qualify. Call 1.866.605.1676 or email us.

Steps to savings for custom project incentives:

  1. Analyze. Energy Trust performs a technical study of the proposed energy-saving upgrades.
  2. Review. Energy Trust verifies the savings estimates and cost-effectiveness of your projects.
  3. Offer. Energy Trust provides an incentive offer for qualifying upgrades to be paid upon completion.
  4. Commit. Accept offer as confirmation of installation and reserve your incentive.
  5. Install. Purchase and install the qualified equipment.
  6. Get your incentive. Energy Trust reviews the documentation and sends your incentive check. Post-installation verification may be required.