Strategic Energy Management

Energy use is a cost of doing business for every type of enterprise. It can also be a strategic asset—one that can be managed to boost profits. Energy Trust of Oregon can help your staff identify significant cost-saving opportunities and implement Strategic Energy Management (SEM) to capture the savings for years to come.

SEM can provide training for your facilities team to improve operations and engage employees. Working with energy experts from Energy Trust, staff can develop skills to identify operations and maintenance changes – many of which can be accomplished at low cost – that can make a big difference in a building’s energy use.

What types of businesses can benefit the most from SEM?

  • Campuses with multiple buildings and building types
  • Customers with a large portfolio of buildings and a range of building types
  • Buildings with complex energy systems

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Watch the videos below to learn how these organizations are putting Strategic Energy Management to work in their facilities:

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Medford School District, Medford

Success Story

Medford School District, Medford

Medford School District upgraded lighting in several schools and renovated or constructed six schools to standards exceeding...

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Strategic Energy Management

  • Oregon Convention Center
  • Legacy Health
  • City of Portland
  • Shari’s Restaurants
  • Washington County Office Building
  • State of Oregon Office Building
  • Medford School District

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