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For manufacturers, energy is a key input, playing a central role in harnessing machines, materials and people. Energy Trust can help your industrial facility get more from your energy.

Upgrade your equipment

If you’re adding or replacing equipment or upgrading your lighting system, Energy Trust can help you find a qualified and knowledgeable vendor or contractor.

Lighting, heating, refrigeration, pumps, air compressors and more — together, they make up a large part of your energy costs. Energy Trust offers a streamlined path to receive rebates when you purchase energy-efficient industrial equipment directly from vendors.

Upgrade your equipment

Upgrade lighting & lighting controls

Lighting is often one of the first energy-efficiency upgrades at a manufacturing plant and it does a lot more than save money on energy costs. Having the right lighting system can also improve safety and productivity, and result in better product quality. Energy Trust offers technical assistance and cash incentives for qualified lighting projects. We can also help you find a qualified lighting contractor.

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Improve Operations + Maintenance

Simple changes in operation and maintenance practices can optimize plant system operations and may increase energy savings of up to 20%. Energy Trust can provide technical assistance to develop project specifications, evaluate contractor bids and verify project completion and cash incentives for energy saved.

Improve Operations and Maintenance

Strategic Energy Management

If your company is interested in achieving deeper, ongoing energy savings, you can develop a framework for energy management by working with Energy Trust to implement strategic energy management (SEM) that trains your staff to identify and solve energy-wasting practices. Energy Trust provides these services in a variety of ways to match the needs and abilities of your company and staff.

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