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New report shows Oregonians saved $362 million on energy bills in 2015

Energy Trust of Oregon helped 83,000 homeowners and businesses around the state benefit from clean energy innovations

PORTLAND, Ore. — June 29, 2016 — Energy Trust of Oregon announced today its 2015 annual results, including utility bill savings of $362 million for participating customers. Energy Trust is a nonprofit helping utility customers save energy in their homes and businesses, and invest in renewable energy systems that power Oregon with clean energy.

Energy Trust exceeded its 2015 goals for electric savings, natural gas savings and renewable generation, and achieved all Oregon Public Utility Commission annual minimum performance measures, including keeping program and administrative costs low at 5.5 percent of annual revenues.

“I am proud to see us performing at our best, and delivering the cleanest, lowest-cost energy we can buy for 1.5 million utility customers,” said Margie Harris, executive director, Energy Trust.

“In 2015, Energy Trust continued its legacy of innovation, adapting to a dynamic market and creating new opportunities for customers to participate and reap lasting clean energy benefits,” said Harris. “Not only did we exceed 2015 goals, we are well on our way to meeting our aggressive 2015-2019 Strategic Plan goals.”

Working with utilities, trade ally contractors, green energy professionals and customers in 2015, Energy Trust drove adoption of advancing clean energy technologies like LEDs, engaged designers and builders in adding more efficiency and solar features to residential and commercial construction, and delivered benefits in addition to energy savings and generation — from water savings to rural economic development to environmental health.

“When customers have lower energy bills, it frees up resources that flow into the economy, expanding purchasing power and creating jobs, higher wages and new business income,” said Debbie Kitchin, president of the board of directors, Energy Trust. “Since 2002, Energy Trust has added $4.8 billion to Oregon’s economy, including $1.5 billion in wages and $266 million in small business income. Energy Trust’s investments led to employment equivalent to 3,900 jobs lasting a decade.”

Portland area residents, businesses benefited from clean energy at 49,000 locations

In 2015, Portland metro and Hood River area participating customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power and NW Natural invested in energy-efficient and renewable energy upgrades at 49,000 homes, businesses, manufacturers and farms:

* With expert guidance and incentives from Energy Trust, Orchards at Orenco, an affordable housing complex in Hillsboro, will save roughly $58,000 annually from energy-

efficient features like a super-insulated building shell, triple-pane windows and heat recovery ventilators. “Since moving in last summer, we have never turned on our heat,” said Sylvia Barber, Orchards resident. “We have zero heating bills.”

* Energy Trust helped Willamette View Senior Living in Portland save approximately $123,000 by installing LED lighting; upgrading heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; and adding efficiency features to a kitchen and dining room. “Residents are so happy with the quantity and quality of light that they’re starting to request LEDs in their apartments,” said Meredith Rizzari, facilities and sustainability coordinator, Willamette View. “And our kitchen employees couldn’t be happier because their new space is brighter and much more comfortable.”

* Awetash Tsegay cut her annual energy costs by $230 a year compared to a similarly sized home built to code when she and her two teenagers moved into a new home constructed by Willamette West Habitat for Humanity. Habitat worked with Energy Trust to make sure her home has a low EPS™, energy performance score, indicating low energy consumption and carbon footprint. “I’m happy,” said Tsegay. “The house stays comfortable year-round. I like the nice quiet neighborhood. And this home is ours.”

See detailed 2015 results and more customer stories at

Energy Trust of Oregon is an independent nonprofit organization guided by a non-stakeholder board of directors and dedicated to providing utility customers with affordable, clean energy solutions. Energy Trust investments accelerate economic benefits throughout Oregon and have added $4.8 billion to the state’s economy. Our work helps keep energy costs as low as possible, creates jobs and builds a sustainable energy future. Energy Trust is funded by and serves Oregon customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power and Cascade Natural Gas, and Oregon and Washington customers of NW Natural.

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