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New report shows Oregonians saved $396 million on energy bills in 2016: 14,500 served in the Willamette Valley

Salem, Ore. — July 17, 2017 — Energy Trust of Oregon announced today its 2016 annual results, including cutting $396 million from participating customers’ utility bills. In 2016, the nonprofit organization exceeded its electric and natural gas energy-efficiency goals and supported the installation of a record 1,200 customer-owned residential solar systems.

With cash incentives, information and a network of 2,400 contractors and allied professionals, Energy Trust helped homeowners, renters, businesses, manufacturers, farmers and ranchers at more than 80,000 locations across the state cut costs with affordable, energy-saving installations.

“Oregonians might be surprised to learn how much economic activity results from making smart energy choices,” said Michael Colgrove, executive director, Energy Trust. “When people spend less on energy, they can spend more on their families, homes and businesses—freeing up resources that flow into communities, creating jobs and boosting wages. By investing in energy efficiency and renewable energy, Energy Trust has spurred $5.7 billion in local economic activity since 2002.”

Energy Trust works closely with utilities to ensure customers have access to clean energy programs. Energy Trust programs are available to 1.6 million utility customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas and Avista.

Energy Trust investments have kept 20 million tons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere — equal to removing 3.5 million cars from Oregon roads for a year. Since 2002, Oregonians working with Energy Trust have saved and generated enough energy to power 564,000 average Oregon homes and heat another 100,000 homes — equal the output of an entire power plant.

Willamette Valley residents, businesses benefited from clean energy at more than 14,500 locations

In 2016, Willamette Valley customers of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power and NW Natural invested in energy-efficient and renewable energy upgrades at more than 14,500 homes and businesses.

  • In Eugene, J.H. Baxter & Co. has completed 10 natural gas efficiency projects with help from Energy Trust, including its lead boiler, the backbone of the company’s operation. In total, the projects are saving the woman-owned wood products business more than $102,000 annually. “The boiler tune-up project was a real home run for us,” said Jeanne Olson, plant manager. “The cash incentive from Energy Trust meant that our investment paid for itself quickly through energy savings.”

See detailed 2016 results and more customer stories at

As an independent nonprofit organization, Energy Trust helps meet Oregon’s energy needs with the cheapest and cleanest options available. On-the-ground outreach, technical services, cash-back incentives and connections to local contractors help participants cut costs with affordable, clean energy solutions. Energy Trust also helps customers power their homes and businesses with renewable energy from solar, biopower, hydropower, wind and geothermal sources.


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