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Rebuilding from Wildfires


Oregon communities recovering from devastating wildfires need long-term support to rebuild. We have programs and services that support rebuilding homes and commercial buildings with energy efficiency and solar in mind.

New Single-Family Homes

EPS New Home Construction
EPSTM, brought to you by Energy Trust of Oregon, is an energy performance score for newly built homes. Energy Trust offers enhanced cash incentives to help displaced homeowners and participating trade ally builders construct new EPS rated homes that are efficient, resilient and can help homeowners save on utility costs for years to come. Incentives are performance based, meaning the more efficient the home, the higher the incentive. To learn more about available cash incentives, read our EPS new home construction fact sheet.

Ready to get started? Call us at 1.877.283.0698 or email

Manufactured Homes
Income-qualified manufactured homeowners who lost their home to wildfire may qualify for cash incentives for a newly built, energy-efficient manufactured home through Energy Trust’s Manufactured Home Replacement offer. To learn more about Energy Trust cash incentives, read our manufactured homes fact sheet in English and Spanish.

If you are a resident of Jackson County, please contact ACCESS Center for Community Resilience (CCR) for assistance at 541.414.0318 or email

For additional resources, call the Oregon Wildfire Transition Assistance Hotline at 833.669.0554 or visit

Commercial New Construction

Energy Trust offers cash incentives and services for customers planning commercial new construction and major renovation projects. This includes early design assistance, energy studies and commissioning. The sooner energy efficiency and energy resilience are factored into rebuilding plans, the greater the benefits. Project owners rebuilding or conducting major renovations after wildfire may qualify for Energy Efficient Wildfire Rebuilding Incentives from Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) and additional incentives, including bonus incentives for early design meetings and technical assistance for Whole Building design, from Energy Trust. To learn more about Energy Trust cash incentives, visit our New Construction and Major Renovations page, give us a call at 1.877.467.0930 or email

Solar and Solar + Storage

Communities rebuilding from wildfires or other natural disasters may choose to incorporate solar into their new construction projects. Another option is to install a solar + storage system that can keep homes, businesses and local governments running when the power goes out.

Solar for Your Home

Energy Trust offers cash incentives to lower the upfront cost of putting solar power on your roof or installing a solar + storage system. To learn more, visit our solar for your home page, give us a call at 1.877.777.4018 or email

Solar for Your Commercial Building

Energy Trust offers technical assistance and cash incentives for solar design, installation and solar + storage systems.  Commercial-type building project owners rebuilding or conducting major renovations after wildfire are also eligible for bonus incentives when incorporating solar into early design meetings. To learn more about Energy Trust cash incentives, visit our solar page.

Additional Resources

There are other companies, state agencies and non-profits providing resources and funding to Oregon communities impacted by wildfires.

  • Oregon Wildfire Transition Assistance Hotline: Call 833.669.0554 or visit if you need assistance finding temporary housing, help with site cleanup or are looking for other resources such as FEMA and insurance assistance.
  • Resources to Rebuild New Homes After Wildfires Webinar: Energy Trust worked with Oregon Department of Energy (ODOE) and Oregon Building Codes Division to present a webinar on resources available to homeowners and builders rebuilding after wildfires. You can watch a recording of the informational webinar from April 28, 2022, in English or Spanish:
  • ODOE Energy Efficient Wildfire Rebuilding Incentives: Download the fact sheet (in English and Spanish) or visit ODOE’s program page for more information and to sign up for email updates or email if you have questions​.
  • Oregon Building Codes Division Fire Hardening Grant Program: Download the fact sheet or visit the grant program page to learn more and start the application process.
  • Earth Advantage Professional Training Video on Building Fire Resilient Homes: A guide for builders to improve wildfire resilience of the homes they build. This video covers best practices for fire resilient construction, reviews code requirements and provides information about incentives available through state agencies and Energy Trust. You can watch this professional training video here. Please note that this video focuses on code requirements adopted by Jackson County and Josephine County. Some building code requirements differ by county.