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Support and Tools for Nonprofits Considering the Portland Clean Energy Community Benefits Fund

Is your organization considering applying for PCEF funding? Energy Trust is another resource for you.

About Energy Trust

We are an independent nonprofit that helps Portlanders and Oregonians save energy and benefit from renewable power. Our programs are for the utility customers of PGE, Pacific Power and NW Natural (Portland’s electric and natural gas utilities), as well as Cascade Natural Gas and Avista.

What customers receive:

  • Information on why and how to save energy or go solar
  • Technical assistance on what efficient equipment or solar system to select for a home, apartment complex or building
  • Cash (called incentives) and other financing options when certain equipment is installed or building construction practices are followed
  • A network of contractors and installers they can turn to

It is our responsibility to ensure that all customers can directly benefit from these services, including communities of color and people with low and moderate incomes. We are committed to developing inclusive and diverse partnerships with nonprofits to better serve these communities.

How We Can Support Nonprofits Applying to PCEF

Energy Trust is not an official partner or contractor to the PCEF program. Because our work and mission to deliver clean energy benefits to Portlanders overlaps in ways with the PCEF program, our incentives for utility customers, information and support could be helpful to grant applicants.

If your nonprofit is considering applying for grants from PCEF to bring clean energy programs to communities of color and Portlanders with low incomes, or you want to know more about energy efficiency and renewable power, we’re here to help.

We can provide:

  • Information on energy efficiency and solar technologies, benefits and investments by Energy Trust to date
  • Information on our incentive amounts and requirements (depending on the type of project, incentives are delivered to the resident or business customer or the installation contractor)
  • Potential examples of similar projects, case studies or Energy Trust partnership agreements
  • Referrals to peers or other organizations
  • Other – let’s talk

View a presentation on how Energy Trust can help you >>

Contact Us to Get Started

To get started, tell us about your organization, what you want to do and what help you need.

Or call us at 1.888.777.0693.