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How to Work with Energy Trust

Since its inception, Energy Trust of Oregon has developed and supported a network of suppliers, industry experts and service providers through its efforts to advance energy efficiency and small renewable energy systems throughout its service areas. Having developed this network of businesses, Energy Trust has a responsibility in ensuring its work with minority, women, emerging small businesses and service-disabled veteran business enterprises (MWESB/SDVBE) is equitable and supports their growth in Oregon’s economy. Energy Trust is committed to this work by building an effective and robust supplier diversity program.

Energy Trust has established its supplier diversity program to advance more inclusive use of MWESB/SDVBE firms and to increase the accessibility of contracting opportunities. Energy Trust is committed to ensuring that MWESB/SDVBE firms can receive and participate in Energy Trust contracting opportunities, including bidding as the primary contractor.

Contracting opportunities with Energy Trust

What we buy 

  • In any given year, Energy Trust may have over 200 active contracts totaling more than $175M. These contracts are for a variety of services including:
    • Dues and memberships for various professional organizations
    • Sponsorships, grants, internships, scholarships and other contracts providing direct support to organizations and individuals
    • Program Management and Program Delivery services that support the implementation of our energy programs
    • Project outreach, recruitment, development and support to ensure our customers have the resources they need to identify efficiency and renewable energy opportunities in their homes and businesses
    • Media buying, advertising and marketing content development and editing, photography and videography services, public relations support, interpretation and translation services and website design and development services
    • Engineering, planning and evaluation services to support the analysis of energy efficient technologies and assess the performance and effectiveness of our programs
    • Information technology services including the supply of computer hardware, the development of a variety of software applications and tools, and licenses for various applications
    • Consulting and professional services including executive coaching, staff training and development, board management and governance, legal consultants, hiring and market assessment consultants, project management services, catering services, office maintenance and cleaning services, and market evaluations and customer discovery
    • Office furniture and supplies

How we procure goods and services

  • Energy Trust is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that administers ratepayer funds under a grant agreement with the Oregon Public Utility Commission. As such, our procurement processes seek to identify the greatest value possible when purchasing goods and services to ensure effective stewardship of those funds.
  • For contract opportunities over $100k, Energy Trust uses a competitive solicitation to receive proposals that are assessed on a variety of dimensions including experience, ability to provide quality goods or services, costs, and commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion.
  • For smaller contract opportunities, Energy Trust may utilize a variety of procurement processes including directly soliciting proposals from potential contractors.
  • Energy Trust may also execute sole source contracts when only one business or organization is known to provide the goods or services that are being sought.

How to contact Energy Trust

  • General information or questions on Energy Trust Contracting –
  • To view a list of our open contract opportunities with links to the contact for each opportunity, click here.

How to get certified

If you are interested in getting certified as a minority- or woman-owned business enterprise (MWBE), as a service-disabled veteran (SDV) business enterprise or as an emerging small business (ESB) in the state of Oregon by Oregon’s COBID office, please visit Oregon COBID to start the certification process.

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