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Energy Performance Reporting

The City of Portland’s Energy Performance Reporting Policy requires commercial buildings over 20,000 square feet to track energy performance and report it to the city on an annual basis.

How do I improve energy performance at my building?
Energy Trust of Oregon offers technical assistance and cash incentives for businesses to make energy-saving upgrades more affordable. We’ll help you reduce energy use, lower operating costs and improve your ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager® score.

Bring us in and see how Energy Trust can help lower the cost of energy-efficient projects while enhancing your building’s score.

What tools are available to audit my building?
There’s a saying that you can’t manage what you don’t measure. To help property managers understand their energy use, Energy Trust is collaborating with the Smart Building Center to provide access to the technical tools needed to identify energy waste within commercial operation. These tools are available at no cost to customers. To learn more, visit the Tool Lending Library.

Are there resources to help develop the skills of my building maintenance staff?
Certify your building operators through Building Operator Certification (BOC) and receive an Energy Trust incentive of up to $1400 per BOC-certified building operator. Graduates can help their organizations cut operating costs by as much as $20,000 per year.

Energy Trust also sponsors technical webinars as continuing education opportunities for facilities professionals to maintain their BOC credentials, or for non-BOC credentialed operators to stay abreast of changing technologies and practices in building management.

How does my building compare to others?
View other buildings in the Portland area and see how your building compares to similar buildings. The City of Portland offers an interactive map to explore the energy performance of individual buildings.

What is the policy and how do I comply?
To learn more about the Energy Performance Reporting policy, who it applies to and how to confirm you are in compliance, visit City of Portland’s Planning & Sustainability website.

What other resources are available to improve my score?
Better Bricks is a resource of the NW Energy Efficiency Alliance. This website contains additional information that can help you understand your building’s energy performance.