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2019 Net Zero Emerging Leaders


Energy Trust of Oregon supports students with a passion for net zero. These future leaders are on a mission to design buildings that produce as much energy as they consume. Meet the recipients of the 2019 Net Zero Emerging Leaders internship grant. The architecture firms listed below employed student interns over a 12-week period, with each student gaining valuable experience supporting their mentoring firm’s AIA 2030 Commitment.

Energy Trust awarded grants to help selected firms with the costs of implementing a paid internship from January to April 2019.

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Matt Loudermilk
Carleton Hart Architecture

Matt grew up in rural Indiana and credits his small-town upbringing with a connection to the environment and focus on the urban-natural relationship. He’s now set to complete his Master’s in architecture from the University of Oregon, and aims to be a part of the design initiatives that shape the built environment for the next generation.

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Madelaine Murray
Hennebery Eddy Architects

Madelaine’s love of cities has drawn her to the study of sustainable urbanism—how communities integrate people, transportation and systems to be more environmentally friendly. She earned her undergraduate degree in architecture from University College Dublin and made her next stop the University of Oregon’s graduate program in architecture.

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Lindsey Naganuma
Holst Architecture

Hooked on the art and science of building design, Lindsey joined the Master’s in architecture program at the University of Oregon. As she learned more about green design, she wondered why all buildings don’t incorporate energy-saving features, and put her focus on understanding how clients prioritize sustainable investments.

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Intern Jessica Meylor smiling at the camera

Jessica Meylor

A senior at Portland State University, Jessica is finishing her degree in environmental studies with an urban focus. The California native is active in promoting sustainability, both through volunteer activities and academic programs. Learning how to create and promote sustainable cities pulled her toward the study of architecture and a future graduate degree.

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Intern Austin Daich smiling at the camera

Austin Daich
Speranza Architecture

As an undergrad at the University of Oregon, Austin put his interest in architecture on hold to pursue college football. The former defensive back is now a graduate student in architecture and is learning to connect buildings with nature. His studies in building science have taught him how to design better buildings that help achieve healthier environments.

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Julia Mollner
and Dristi Manandhar

Carleton Hart Architecture
Ashley Nored
and Pooja Kashyap

Hennebery Eddy Architects
Cory Hawbecker
Zaq Dohallow
and Amy Scheckla-Cox

Philip Speranza
Speranza Architecture