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Upgrade your irrigation system for energy and water savings.

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Water conservation

Discover some of the most common ways to improve irrigation water management.

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No- and low-cost tips for irrigation 

Energy-saving tips to help irrigation equipment run more efficiently and advice on how to change workplace behavior.

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Variable frequency drives 

Technical experts answer how variable frequency drives (VFDs) improve irrigation efficiency.

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  • As a small farmer Energy Trust was a great help. My asparagus production has been the best.
    Incentives received: $15,703
    Yearly est. savings: 113,137 kWh
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  • By investing in a larger project, we received enough in incentives to cover the additional cost of the pump and VFD. That kind of savings makes an impact on a family business like ours, and it helped us get more for our money.
    Incentives received: $21,000
    Yearly est. savings: 23,700 gallons of water

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