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Indoor Air Quality

Technical experts answer your frequently asked questions about air pollution control devices and low-cost solutions to save energy and improve indoor air quality at your facility

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No- and Low-cost Tips for Manufacturers

No- and low-cost energy-saving tips to help equipment run more efficiently and advice on how to change workplace behavior

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a steam trap connecting

Stream Traps

Eliminate steam leaks by installing new traps that can help lower energy bills and save money.

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  • Our problems with air balance and climate control are solved. Employees are comfortable. They’re happier and more productive.
    Yearly Est. Savings: $15,000
    Yearly Est. Savings: 39,000 therms
  • Originally, machine run-times didn’t matter to the dust collector; it ran all the time. Now the machines still run the same, but the dust collector doesn’t.
    Incentives Received: $11,000
    Yearly Est. Savings: 33,700 kWh

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