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Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) and Low Elevation Spray Application (LESA)

$15-$35 rebate incentive

Traditionally, pivots and linears have used high-pressure impact sprinklers mounted on top of the main pipe. Dropping the sprinklers closer to the ground using goosenecks and drop tubes can save water and energy by increasing the application efficiency and reducing the required system pressure.

Mid-Elevation Spray Application (MESA) systems use sprinklers that operate within 5-10 feet of the ground, Low Elevation Spray Application (LESA) systems use sprinklers that operate within one foot of the ground, and Low Energy Precision Application (LEPA) systems use sprinklers or bubblers that operate at the ground level. Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation (PMDI) systems take it a step further and use ground-level drip tubing attached to the end of the drop tubes.

Energy Trust offers a per-drop rebate for upgrading to these irrigation systems depending on which system is being upgraded to and whether the pump serving the system has a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD, also known as a variable speed drive) or not.

Your contractor can assist you in completing and submitting required Form 420PL.

  1. Establish your eligibility.

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    Energy Trust provides cash incentives to Oregon businesses for energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects. To qualify, you must:

    • Be served by Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas or Avista and contribute to the public purpose charge. Check your utility bill or contact us if you have questions.
    • Have a project site in Oregon.
  2. Complete the appropriate incentive form for your cash incentive.

    Be sure to check all of the “Qualifying Criteria” to ensure that your equipment qualifies for Energy Trust incentives. You must return a complete and signed incentive form with your invoices for your equipment to Energy Trust within 180 days of purchase and before the end of the calendar year to receive your incentive. Your incentive check should arrive within 4-6 weeks.

    Download Application (Excel) Download Application (PDF)

    Send by Mail

    Energy Trust of Oregon
    123 NE 3rd Ave, Suite 400
    Portland, OR 97232

    Send by Fax

Apply for cash rebates after you convert your linear or pivot to a MESA, LESA, LEPA or PMDI irrigation system:

  • Upgrade for systems with VFD – $35.00 per sprinkler drop
  • Upgrade for systems without VFD – $15.00 per sprinkler drop

See rebate form for additional details. Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.


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Success Stories

Rajnus Seed, Klamath Falls

Rajnus Seed, Klamath Falls

Estimated Annual Savings: $11,000

Cash Incentives: $15,000