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Custom (Washington)

Energy-efficiency equipment not covered by standard incentives may still be eligible for custom incentives. These projects typically require additional energy analysis or other technical assistance. All equipment purchases must be pre-qualified by Energy Trust. In addition, a post-installation verification may be required.

Incentives are available for commercial firm and interruptible sales customers served on rate schedules 1, 3, 41 and 42.

Project may include:

Direct Digital ControlsHeat Recovery Systems
Rooftop UnitsBoilers with Economizers
Pool HeatersRetrocommissioning

Contact an Energy Trust account manager or email  to get more information about custom cash incentives.

Project Examples

Custom Incentives (Washington)

Auto Dealership

Project Type:  Custom Boiler
Project Cost: $39,100
Incentive: $12,300
Annual Savings: 4,100 therms

Custom Incentives (Washington)

Medical Clinic Tech Center

Project Type: Direct Digital Controls
Project Cost: $582,400
Incentive: $3,400
Annual Savings: 1,100 therms

  1. Find a trade ally contractor.

    We can help you get started.

  2. Have proposed project analyzed and reviewed by Energy Trust.

  3. Get offer from Energy Trust.

  4. Accept offer and reserve incentives.

  5. Have equipment installed.

  6. Submit documentation.

  7. Get your incentive.

    Note: A post-installation verification may apply.

Cash incentives for qualified custom energy projects are calculated based on estimated annual energy savings at $5 per annual therm. Incentives are capped at 90% of eligible project cost.

Contact an Energy Trust account manager or email to get more information about custom cash incentives.

Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

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