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Oregon cold storage facilities face multiple challenges, including rising operating costs and outdated, inefficient equipment. Upgrading to an energy efficient refrigeration system can help trim operating costs and reduce energy. Start saving with energy-efficient refrigeration upgrades in your cold storage facility.

To learn more, watch our Efficiency Minute Video.

  1. Establish your eligibility.

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    Energy Trust provides cash incentives to Oregon businesses for energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects. To qualify, you must:

    • Be served by Portland General Electric or Pacific Power and contribute to the public purpose charge. Check your utility bill or contact us if you have questions.
    • Have a project site in Oregon.
  2. Select equipment that qualifies for Energy Trust incentives.

    Your trade ally or vendor can help you get started.

  3. Receive an incentive offer from Energy Trust.

    Review the offer, provide your utility account number, signed W-9, mailing address, site address and estimated project completion date. You must return the signed incentive offer to the Energy Trust contact listed on the form before ordering or purchasing the equipment.

  4. Purchase and install the equipment.

    After you return the signed incentive offer, then purchase and install the equipment.

  5. Sign the Project Completion Form.

    Once your project is completed, you will receive a Project Completion Form from Energy Trust, which must be returned with your invoice(s) for the equipment purchased.

  6. Receive your incentive.

Customers may receive cash incentives up to $250,000 per site, per year. Incentives are subject to funding availability and may change.

See incentive amounts available for refrigeration upgrades outlined in the table below. Cash incentives are calculated based on operating hours and usage.

Dairy milk precoolers
High-speed doors
Refrigeration controls
$0.30 per kWh saved, up to 70% of eligible project cost

If you’re planning a larger refrigeration system upgrade, Energy Trust can help with technical assistance and work with you to create a customized incentive offer for your scoped project. For more information about larger projects, visit our  custom energy-efficiency projects page.


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Success Stories

Oregon Berry Packing, Hillsboro

Oregon Berry Packing, Hillsboro