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Annual Board Meeting, February 2014

  • Meeting agenda
  • Board Meeting Minutes—125th Meeting
  • Board Decision–Corporate Authorization (Bank Signing Authority)
  • Board Decision–Terms of Office
  • Board Decision–Election of Officers
  • Board Decision–Electing Melissa Cribbins to Energy Trust Board
  • Board Decision–Electing Susan Brodahl to Energy Trust Board
  • Board Decision–Committee Assignments
  • Board Decision–Supplemental Executive Retirement Plan (SERP)
  • 2013 Report on Energy Savings and Measure Costs of Existing Homes program tracks
  • Impact Evaluation of the Existing Buildings Program
  • 2011 New Buildings Program Impact Evaluation
  • Impact Evaluation of Energy Trust of Oregon’s 2009-2011 Production Efficiency Program
  • 2013 Residential Awareness and Perceptions Study
  • Finance Committee Meeting Notes – November 2013
  • Financial Glossary
  • Policy Committee Meeting
  • Renewable Energy Advisory Council Meeting Notes
  • Conservation Advisory Council Meeting Notes
  • Briefing Paper–Bills in 2014 Legislature
  • Briefing Paper–Integrated Solutions Implementation Project Update
  • Glossary of Energy Industry Terms