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Special Board Meeting, August 13, 2020

Because the minutes for the August 13, 2020 Special Board Meeting will not be reviewed and available until after the regular October board meeting and because an additional Special Board Meeting was requested by the board that will occur prior to the regular October board meeting, a copy of the recording of the August 13, 2020 Special Board Meeting will be made available upon request to Cheryle Easton at

Update from meeting

At its August 13 meeting, Energy Trust’s board of directors received staff’s recommendation for a program management contractor and program delivery contractor to deliver key commercial programs and commercial and industrial lighting offers. This follows Energy Trust’s standard policy regarding all large contracts.

Following public comment raising concerns about the RFP and selection process, the board has postponed its consideration of staff’s contract recommendations until an independent review of the process can be completed.

A new timeline for this contract review and vote will be announced shortly.