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Board Meeting, December 2015

  • Meeting agenda
  • Board Meeting Minutes—139th Meeting
  • Board Decision—Suspend WREGIS Registration Requirements for Certain Classes of Renewable Energy Certificates
  • Board Decision—Adopt 2016 Budget, 2017 Projection and 2016-2017 Action Plan
  • Board Decision—Farmers Conservation Alliance Proposed Contract Amendment to Take Irrigation Stakeholder Engagement Services Contract about $500,000
  • Final Report: Existing Home Prescriptive Air Sealing Pilot Evaluation
  • Final Report: Energy Trust of Oregon Gas Hearth Market Transformation Study
  • Staff Response to Gas Fireplace Market Transformation Study
  • ESP Training Evaluation
  • Staff Response to Efficiency Sales Training Evaluation
  • Finance Committee Meeting Notes
  • Notes on October 2015 Financial Statements
  • Financial Glossary
  • Policy Committee Meeting Notes
  • Renewable Energy Advisory Council Meeting Notes
  • Conservation Advisory Council Meeting Notes
  • Glossary of Energy Industry Terms
  • Energy Industry Acronyms