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Board Meeting, May 2013

Board packet includes:

  • Board Meeting Minutes—119th Meeting
  • Board Decision – Amending Fuel-switching Policy
  • Board Decision – COID Juniper Ridge Phase II Hydroelectric Project
  • Briefing Paper – Lockheed Martin Existing Multifamily Contract Extension
  • Evaluation Committee Meeting Notes
  • 2010-2011 Energy Trust of Oregon Existing Homes Program Process Evaluation
  • Briefing Paper – Savings Within Reach Loan Project
  • Notes on March 2013 Financial Statements
  • Financial Statements
  • Board Decision – Amending Compensation Committee Charter
  • Financial Glossary
  • Policy Committee Meeting Notes
  • Briefing Paper – Energy Trust Approach to Financing for Efficiency and On-Site Renewable Resources
  • Renewable Energy Advisory Council Meeting Notes
  • Conservation Advisory Council Meeting Notes
  • Briefing Paper – Market Indicators Quarterly Report
  • Glossary of Energy Industry Terms