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Net Metering

Oregon’s net metering law allows all utility customers to generate their own electricity and reduce their electricity bills. If you install a biogas or hydro system, your utility will come to your site and switch out your existing utility meter for a bidirectional “net” meter (there is no charge for the new meter). This meter keeps track of the power you acquire from the utility, and what you supply to the grid. Each month, the power you used from your utility is offset by the power you send to the utility. You are offsetting your retail power rate, and you’ll only be charged for the difference or the “net.”

If you generate more power than you use in a given month, your electric bill will have no kilowatt hour charges. Any surplus energy will generate kilowatt hour credits that will be applied to your future electric bills. Unused credits will accumulate in your Portland General Electric or Pacific Power account for the first year, and for every year thereafter the excess will be donated to low income programs within the utilities.

For more information on net metering, we encourage you to contact PGE or Pacific Power:

Pacific Power