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Retailers Offering Instant Discounts on LED Grow Lights

Energy Trust works with select retailers to offer in-store discounts to residential customers on efficient lighting. Commercial customers are not eligible to receive instant discounts at these participating retail locations.

If you purchase a qualifying model from one of the select retail store locations listed below, you can receive an instant discount at the time of purchase and do not need to submit an incentive application. Qualifying models available at each participating retail store location may vary. To ensure availability, please call the participating retail store nearest you.

If you already purchased an LED grow light fixture, check your receipt to see if you bought from a retailer offering instant discounts by matching the store address to one of the locations listed below.

Instant discounts will not be shown as a line item on your receipt; the final price you paid already includes the Energy Trust discount. Retail prices before and after the instant discount may vary by participating retail store location.