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Small-Medium Business Offerings Interest Form

Eligibility criteria includes the following:

– Business is an Oregon customer of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas or Avista.

– Business is located in a Commercial, Industrial, or Multifamily space (common areas only)

Meets one or more of the following expectations:

– Employee total of 20 or less

– Building size of 20,000 sq ft or less (all buildings on site)

– Is a Community Service Provider/Producer as defined by Energy Trust of Oregon:

  • Provides food, housing, health, economic, or social services at free or reduced cost
  • Religious center (place of worship), does not include private schools
  • Community centers
  • Local to community but not part of nation-wide organization


1. Preferred Language of Communication(Required)

3. Address(Required)
6. Contact Name(Required)
7. Business type:(Required)
8. Eligibility (check all that apply):(Required)