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Request Analysis and Bid: PGE Smart Battery Pilot


You are taking the first step to participating in the Portland General Electric (PGE) Smart Battery Pilot! Energy Trust is working with PGE to connect you with a network of licensed and insured solar trade ally contractors experienced with the design and installation of both solar and home battery systems. In order to participate in the Smart Battery Pilot you must work with an approved solar trade ally, however you are not required to install solar. The trade ally contractors can provide you a bid to install a solar plus home battery storage system, add a home battery to an existing solar installation or install a standalone home battery without solar. Once you complete and submit this form, Energy Trust will match you with qualified solar trade ally contractors in your area based on the information you provided for you to choose from. The trade allies will:

  • Assess the potential of your rooftop or property for solar power, if you are interested in pursuing a solar + home battery storage installation
  • Provide a customized bid with estimated incentives, tax credits, and utility cost savings so you can see the net costs for your system
  • Answer any questions you have about incentives, state rebates and federal tax credits, equipment and installation, operation and maintenance.

Let’s get started!