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Success Story

1000 Broadway, Portland

777,800 annual kilowatt hours saved, $58,179 annual energy cost savings

ENERGY STAR® certified 1000 Broadway, a 24-story office building in downtown Portland, is an energy champion. To further its energy efficiency, 1000 Broadway worked with Energy 350 to identify ways to save through Energy Trust of Oregon’s Pay for Performance offering.

A technical energy analysis of the building helped identify potential energy-saving opportunities. For the Pay for Performance offering, Energy Trust makes an incentive payment based on verified energy savings. This structure helped the building break down potential energy efficiency projects for budgeting and implementation.

“The Pay for Performance structure lined up perfectly for these nuanced projects,” said Chris Smith, owner of Energy 350. “It allowed us to identify a group of projects that worked well together, then hire and oversee the contractors to implement them. Since our firm was paid based on verified energy savings, we were motivated on our own behalf as well as the client’s to ensure that everything functioned at full efficiency.”

Numerous improvements, including new equipment, adding variable frequency drives, performing tune-ups and more raised 1000 Broadway’s ENERGY STAR rating from 80 to 92 over the course of two years.

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