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Success Story

805 Broadway Building, Vancouver, Washington


Replacing the aging heating and cooling system at 805 Broadway, a Schlesinger Companies office tower in downtown Vancouver, became a necessity due to rising operational and repair costs. Schlesinger Companies worked with Energy Trust of Oregon and NW Natural to install a new, more energy-efficient system at a lower cost through cash incentives.

Schlesinger Companies prioritizes energy efficiency to attract tenants who value sustainability and low energy costs. To achieve their green building goals for 805 Broadway, the family business needed to upgrade the entire heating and cooling system, including new chillers as well as a new boiler and cooling tower.

Energy Trust and NW Natural provided $75,000 in cash incentives for chillers and a cooling tower and $21,000 for a new natural gas boiler to reduce Schlesinger Companies’ out-of-pocket cost. With the new equipment, the company will save an estimated $52,700 a year in energy costs.

The upgrade also boosted the building’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating by two levels, helping 805 Broadway attract potential tenants who increasingly value reduced energy costs and sustainability.

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