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Success Story

B.D. Ables Inc. – Buildmaster™, Hermiston

B.D. Ables, Inc. – Buildmaster™ is a pioneer in northeastern Oregon as the first EPS builder in the region. Beyond making a mark on the local housing industry, BD Ables is also changing the way clients understand the benefits of an energy-efficient home. EPS plays a big part in that effort.

For owner Larry Ables, adopting the system was an easy decision: “We have used some of the EPS practices for years so it was a natural and easy transition to work with Energy Trust and their trade allies to meet the requirements.”

Along with showcasing his top-quality homes, EPS is a valuable tool that Ables uses to educate his clients on how energy-efficient homes work and the advantages they offer. It’s one of many Energy Trust resources Ables turns to in highlighting these benefits. “Marketing and education are vitally important [to selling homes]. The support we get from Energy Trust and its trade allies has helped immeasurably.”

BD Ables may be the only EPS builder in northeastern Oregon for now, but the company has established the potential for an important trend by demonstrating the livability of EPS homes, and it shows in the positive reaction of Ables’ clients. “We are a small community and we stay in contact with most clients, even if it’s a wave and a smile on the streets.”

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