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Success Story

Bright Wood Corporation, Madras, OR

Energy Champion Leads Team That Saves $700,000

In 2016, after energy prices increased 10% in ten years Bright Wood’s leadership took action. Bright Wood started a five-year SEM engagement with Energy Trust of Oregon. Bright Wood office manager Wendy Smith became a key part of the company’s success as their Energy Champion.

Smith coordinated schedules for busy plant managers, sometimes six at once, and participated in more than 20 “treasure hunts” for energy-saving opportunities.

“The founders of Bright Wood left us an important mission: to improve the quality of our individual lives, and when they said that they meant it,” said Smith. “That’s why we’re involved in SEM. The money-saving improvements allowed Bright Wood to buy new equipment, buy a new plant and put money in our employee benefit plan.”

Support from President and CEO Dallas Stoval and a passionate Energy Champion helped Bright Wood exceed its energy-saving goals and expand its operation. In total, Bright Wood received more than $762,000 in financial incentives and reduced its energy consumption by 9.6 million kWh.

After five years of successful SEM engagement, Bright Wood is about to complete an unprecedented sixth year.

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