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Success Story

Bruce Burney, Milwaukie

Estimated annual savings: $400

Since 2009, Bruce Burney has made a number of energy upgrades to his home. He installed a tankless water heater, high-efficiency gas furnace and improved insulation. Burney also replaced his lighting with LEDs and installed an efficient showerhead and faucet aerators to save water and reduce water heating costs. Most recently, he added a solar electric system.

His approach was to focus on one energy-saving step at a time―whether a small change or a larger investment.

Burney learned about Energy Trust’s free Energy Saver Kits in the PGE newsletter he received with his bill. For the larger projects, Burney worked with Energy Trust trade ally contractors who helped him apply for cash incentives and available state tax credits.

Making the financial commitment for the solar panels was a bigger step, made easier with more than $2,300 in incentives from Energy Trust. The 12-panel, 3.2-kilowatt solar system, installed by Sunbridge Solar, generates more than one-half of Burney’s electricity.

“Our electric bill was previously running about $70 per month,” Burney said. “Now it’s more like $20–$25 per month.”

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