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Success Story

Cameron Winery, Dundee, OR

At Cameron Winery, the Dundee winery he and his partners founded in 1984, the winemaker and his workers take a hands-on approach to avoid running potentially polluting machinery. To minimize their water use, they rely on rain, not irrigation, to grow grapes in a practice known as dry farming. They ferment the grapes with indigenous yeasts. And by working with Energy Trust, they have a new heating and cooling system that is saving energy and pruning Paul’s utility bills.

Energy efficiency is “incredibly important” for Cameron Winery, Paul said.

So when Paul got an email offering Cameron Winery a free energy study through Energy Trust’s Production Efficiency program, he was in. He’d already had a good experience working with Energy Trust to install solar panels in 2009 and was eager to see what else they could do.

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