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Success Story

Celio Apartments, Portland

Estimated annual savings: $22,500

Celio Apartments enjoys a net-zero vacancy rate after having installed energy-efficient boilers, new ENERGY STAR® qualified windows and high-efficiency commercial clothes washers within the 190-unit building.

Even with a modest rent increase to help pay for the improvements, residents are better off financially and pleased with the improvements/upgrades. “Our prorated tenant energy bills recently went down for the first time ever,” said Laura Knepper, site manager, Commercial Properties, which manages Celio. “Tenants also are much more comfortable. And our turnover rate is lower.”

Knepper credits Energy Trust technical assistance and cash incentives with helping to move the projects forward. One project—installation of energy-efficient front-loading washers for the common area laundry—netted Celio $1,800 in cash incentives even though the washers are leased.

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