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Success Story

Cherrie Carlson-Conklin, Baker City

Estimated annual savings: $140

Cherrie Carlson-Conklin and her husband Darrell Conklin needed to get comfortable. Wide temperature swings throughout the year made their poorly insulated 1903 stucco home inhospitable and sent energy bills soaring.

Inspired by a neighbor, Cherrie and Darrell hired Four Seasons Insulation, an Energy Trust of Oregon trade ally contractor, to insulate their attic and walls. It took just a few days, and the happy homeowners noticed results right away. “It’s making a significant difference in our energy bills,” Cherrie said. “Our house is warmer, cozier and not as drafty in winter.” They’re also happy with the $642 Energy Trust cash incentive that made the project more affordable and the expected $140 in annual energy bill savings.

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