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Success Story

Chris and Shari Heglin, Grants Pass

Affordable comfort, peace of mind

A ductless heat pump changed the lives of Chris and Shari Heglin, who live on Social Security benefits supplemented by part-time work.

The new heat pump keeps them comfortable year-round—replacing electric baseboards, which had cost them up to $400 a month in energy costs while still leaving them cold.

“Now, our electric bills are $120 per month, and that includes a $40 loan payment for the system cost,” said Shari. “We feel like we’ve died and gone to heaven.”

It all started when the Heglins attended a home show at Josephine County fairgrounds, where Energy Trust trade ally Indoor Airman signed them up to receive free LEDs. “They made the house brighter with the long-lasting bulbs,” said Shari. “Then Indoor Airman asked how much we spend on heating.”

Indoor Airman explained the benefits of ductless heat pumps and determined the Heglins qualified for Energy Trust’s Savings Within Reach offering, which provides increased cash incentives to help moderate-income households make energy-efficient upgrades. As part of Savings Within Reach, Indoor Airman received a $1,000 cash incentive from Energy Trust on behalf of the customer, and deducted $1,000 from the Heglin’s invoice. The Heglins financed the system with a low-interest loan paid on their monthly electric bill.

“Our heat pump is more than paying for itself through monthly energy savings,” said Shari.