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Success Story

City of Hillsboro Water Department, Hillsboro

Hydroelectric project generates clean energy and $11,000 in annual savings

Hillsboro is pioneering new technology within existing infrastructure —an innovative, 30-kilowatt micro-hydropower project installed in the municipal water system—to generate clean, renewable energy. The project also reduces costs, builds community resilience and keeps energy dollars local. 

At the home of the Hillsboro Hops baseball team, a hydro-pressure recovery valve was installed in a major water pipeline that efficiently converts excess pressure into renewable energy. It generates approximately 171,000 kilowatt hours annually to offset power used at the site. 

Installation was easy, with the equipment located in a bypass alongside the original pressure-reduction valve. “The unit is fairly compact, so there wasn’t a lot of construction. The original pressure valve is left in place for backup, so it’s simple to switch over if we have to perform maintenance, and customers aren’t impacted.” – Lee Lindsey, business and administration manager, City of Hillsboro Water Department 

Energy Trust of Oregon provided technical assistance for the project along with $85,000 in incentives to help offset project costs. Another $261,000 in funding came from The Portland General Electric Renewable Development Fund.  

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