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Success Story

Congress Center, Portland

Estimated annual savings: 603,000 kWh

The facilities team at the Congress Center looks to Energy Trust for help saving energy and uses energy performance benchmarking tools to monitor their progress. To date, the building has saved 603,000 kilowatt hours of electricity and received over $73,400 in Energy Trust cash incentives.

Owned by Shorenstein Properties LLC, the 370,000 square foot Congress Center office building is Certified LEED® Gold and holds an ENERGY STAR® rating of 93 points out of 100. Energy-saving improvements include variable frequency drives on mechanical equipment, an advanced lighting control system with occupancy sensors, and LED lighting in exit signage and elevator cabs.

“From proactive climate control to environmentally friendly cleaning products, our operating procedures positively impact the tenant experience.” –Kim Gach, general manager, Congress Center.

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