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Success Story

Coquille Indian Tribe Community Center, Coos Bay

Estimated annual generation: 5,700 kilowatt hours

The Coquille Indian Tribe wanted to become more proactive in meeting future energy needs while being environmentally friendly. In addition to lighting and other efficiency upgrades in tribal buildings and residences, tribal leaders worked with Energy Trust to help them generate clean, renewable energy—saving even more energy and money.

The tribe worked with an Energy Trust trade ally contractor, Sol Coast Consulting and Design, to install a 5-kilowatt solar electric system that’s expected to generate 5,700 kilowatt hours per year for a projected annual savings of $400. Coquille Indian Tribe also installed a solar water heating system on the roof of the Community Center to serve the Head Start and kitchen facilities in the building.

“If not for the incentive award and the help from Energy Trust, I doubt that the tribe would have been able to afford the project,” said Todd Tripp, director of planning community and real estate services. “Energy Trust is a great source for helping governments and businesses meet goals, and for helping people save money and protect the environment.”

In addition to installation and design, Sol Coast helped the tribe through the interconnection and net metering process. The solar system is connected to the Pacific Power grid. Any power generated that is not used on-site returns to the grid to serve other customers, and Pacific Power gives the Coquille Indian Tribe a credit on its bill.

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