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Success Story

Deschutes Brewery, Bend

Estimated annual savings: $34,500

Deschutes Brewery has been investing in energy efficiency for years, working with Energy Trust on nine projects that are shaving an estimated $34,500 from the brewery’s annual energy costs.

Energy-efficient boilers fuel the brewing operation—complete with stack economizers that reclaim heat from flue gases and loop it back into the feed water. The brew kettle’s vapor condensing heat exchanger helps preheat the next batch of brewing water.

Deschutes’ efforts to repair compressed air leaks is saving an estimated 181,000 kilowatt hours annually. Deschutes also replaced four glycol pumps on its chilled water system with two efficient glycol pumps with variable frequency drives.

“These new pumps help us produce more beer with less energy, so we get more tasty beer out the door,” said Ron Shoemaker, maintenance manager, Deschutes.

Deschutes received $36,500 in Energy Trust cash incentives to help offset the cost of its projects.

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